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Bored of doing the same old stuff on weekends? People today are always interested in getting some excitement when they are lonely or with their family on weekends and therefore they always look out for simple ideas that can help them to enjoy fishing with their friends and family members. The good thing about fishing is that you can be with your family and friends and have a great time without bothering about spending too much money. If you are taking a day off then you can crappie fishing this spring that can help you to make the most of the weekend time you have on your side.

The most important thing that you need to do is find good locations where you can find crappies that can help you to enjoy your weekend vacation. Although, the ice has already melt off you can be sure that the water will be extremely cold and therefore you need to make sure that you get the right kind of bait that can help the crappies to get hooked to your fishing rod. You should also look out for the right locations that can help you to get the right catch. Normally, you can follow the local fishermen in your area as they will be able to guide you with better locations. However, if you are not sure you can look for broader channels where crappie fish has better food.

You should also make sure that you introduce the bait slowly in the water because the water will be cold and therefore the bait should look as natural as it can. Do not try to move the bait too much because that will distract the crappie fish and you might not get the right response. If you are not too sure about the bait you can always read more information on the bait that you can go for from the market. Always carry some technical gadget or equipment with you that can help you to get the right location of the crappie fish as that will help you to save more time while you are fishing.

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It is normally believe that you need to have great timing when you want to catch good fishes. Although, this is true some fishermen across the globe don't believe in it totally because they believe that they can catch fishes if they have the right tools and the right intelligence to fool the fishes. Crappie fishing is said to be done better during summer and spring season but there are many people who prefer to go for crappie fishing during winters because they believe they have better chances during the winter season when most of the fishermen are sitting back at home.

If you are looking for crappies you need to look out for rivers or creeks that are not shallow. The water depth should be around 30 to 40 feet and there should be good amount of submerged trees in the water because crappies love to hide themselves around those trees when they know that you are around. To catch crappies you need to understand their behavior and therefore you will find more crappies if there are more submerged trees and underwater ledges because they love to stay close to the cover as a defense mechanism.

Winter season certainly brings along lot of winds and therefore you have to make sure that you have a good boat with you that can stay still even when the cold winds are blowing. You can control the boat through its powerful motor or anchor it to keep the boat still.

Always carry small lightweight jigs that you can use as bait to lure crappie. Always stay close to the cover inside the water because since the water is cold crappie cannot swim too far. Hence, when you are close to them and when you provide them the bait they will automatically come to you. Use light tackles and light fishing rod because crappie in winter will not give you aggressive strikes like they do in summer and spring season. Drop your jig in the water very slowly so that the crappie can get attracted to it. You can use different colored jigs to attract crappie.

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Crappie Fishing Mistakes

Crappie Fishing

How To Avoid Common Mistakes That Can Cut Your crappie Catches 50% or more!

Every crappie fisherman has had his good and bad days. The trick is to avoid the common mistakes all crappie fisherman make so you can always increase your chances of a good catch. Lets face it, to most us our fishing time is precious. Most of us work full time jobs and when we go fishing it is our release on the constant stresses of life. I did some extensive research about crappie fishing and came up with the following common crappie fishing mistakes.

Fishing For Crappie Mistakes #1 Patience Doesn't "Pay"

When fishing for crappie We have all heard people say that patience pays when fishing. Unfortunately that is not correct when fishing for crappie. Crappie are a schooling fish and it is important to find these schools. So when your fishing for crappie it is very important to be on the move constantly to find the crappie schools.

Error when fishing for crappie #2 Casting Un-sharpened Hooks!

Have you ever set the hook and thought you had your crappie on for sure? The problem isn't your fishing technique it probably is your hooks. It is important to replace your hooks about every 4th bite or spend a few moments to sharpen your hook. You would be shocked to find out how much difference a sharpened hook makes. The best way to sharpen hooks is with a flat file first filing the outside of the hook point. Next you will need a double edged hook sharpen file that sharpens both sides of the point.

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Crappie Fishing Lures

Crappie Fishing

If you are ready to step up your fishing you will usually catch more fish using artificial baits rather then using live bait. Of course this statement is based on knowing what artificial lures to use. When you are fishing for pan fish smaller is better. Look for lures in the 1/4oz or smaller size.

List of pan fish fishing lures to use:
Curly Tail Jigs
Marabou Jigs
Weedless Spinners, (they have a jig attached) smallest you can find
Willow Leaf Blades: Silver Colorado Or Gold Blades

The above listed lures can be bought at any department store, bait shop, or online . Most of these artificial baits can be purchased for very little. Make sure when comparing prices that you compare prices for artificial baits in the 1/4oz or smaller range.

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