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Fishing is certainly becoming popular all over the world as there are many people who are interested in going for fishing with their family members. If you are passionate about spending some quality time with your family you should make a point that you go for some fishing adventure whenever you have time. Most families go for fishing during the weekends and therefore they enjoy some time with their loved ones. However, if you are going for ice fishing then catching trout is really the best thing you can enjoy.

There are many people who believe and enjoy catching trout when they are ice fishing but you should know more about trout that can help you to enjoy your fishing experience. Normally, when people go for ice fishing they take a lot of precautions because they want to make sure that they are doing things the right way because the atmosphere is really cold and they would not want to make mistakes that can ruin their health. Hence, when you are ice fishing you need to make sure that you catch trouts quickly.

If you are interested in catching trouts during your ice fishing trips then you have to go early mornings or late evenings. Trouts are basically active during changing light conditions and therefore you need to make sure that you are present at the lake when they are highly active. If you are going after sunrise you will not find many trouts because they are not really active that time and you can only spend your time looking for better options.

Although, many people believe that trouts are available in cold waters but the fact is that trouts are caught in very shallow waters and therefore you should look for areas in the lake where you can find shallow water. Generally, you can dig a hole in the ice for two to four meters and you will find trouts that you can fish. There are many anglers who know the tricks about how to catch trouts in shallow water because you don't have to work hard for that.

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Plan Your Ice Fishing Shelter

When was the last time you took your family for some quality time? Christmas time is just around the corner and therefore many families think and make plans about how they are going to spend their weekends and holidays where they can have the best time together. Although, many families think about taking a trip to Europe and many exciting places, many families think about doing something adventurous that can help them to make the most out of the holidays that they have. Hence, you will find many people going for ice fishing where they can enjoy catching fish and at the same time they get to spend good time with their family.

However, shelter is really important when you are thinking about ice fishing because you will be fishing out in cold harsh winter that can numb you down to the core. Shelter is really important for ice fishing because you cannot sit outside all day long waiting for a catch. Hence, when you are thinking about ice fishing shelter you should be very sure about the number of people that are going to fit in. If you are going with the family you will need a bigger shelter so that you all can fit inside easily. If not you can look around for smaller shelters that can fit you well.

Always make sure that the ice fishing shelter that you have bought has good insulation options. Insulation might not look like the best thing you should remember but it definitely helps in keeping you warm when the cold winds are blowing on your face. Many people who often go for ice fishing know that insulation also helps them to keep the sounds of wind away so that they can focus on the fishing rather than on the sounds.

Don't buy ice fishing shelter which is just too heavy for you. You can always choose heavy one if you have a snowmobile. However, if you are walking down the ice fishing lake then you should choose lightweight ice fishing shelter that you can carry on your back without any problems.

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Safety Measures for Ice Fishing

Fishing is one of the popular activities that people prefer during Christmas festival. Hence, if you have nothing planned yet then you can head for some lakes where you can enjoy ice fishing with your family. There are many families that feel that ice fishing is far better than any other activities that they can do during the winter months and therefore they hire the best ice fishing boats and equipments and head to some nearby lakes and ponds where they can catch some really good fishes. However, there are certain things that you need to keep in mind when you are thinking about ice fishing.

Always make sure that you have your mobile phones ready and do not turn them off. Normally, people feel that they should switch off their cell phones because the noise and vibrations can alert the fishes in the water. However, mobile phones are important and you will need them immediately when there are emergencies. Hence, do not turn off the cell phones even when you are in the middle of the lake as you may never know when you might need to call emergency services.

Always carry extra nylon or polypropylene rope that can help you to get things in action. It is recommended that you do not use cotton type ropes because they freeze in water and therefore they will not provide you any help when you need it. You can carry extra rope with you on the boat that you can use to secure your ice fishing home if there is too much of wind around. There are many other things where you might make use of that rope so always carry it with you.

Ice escape spikes are really important when you are heading for ice fishing because you can always cling to the ice block with it if you fall in the river. Ice escape spikes have saved many lives and therefore many ice fishing experts believe that they are important since people can save themselves when they fall in the freezing water. You can always carry ice cleats and personal floatation devices as well when you are heading for ice fishing.

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Stay Well While Ice Fishing

Winter is just around the corner and therefore many people who love fishing will be thinking about different locations where they can go for ice fishing. It sounds unreal but many families think about going for ice fishing because they believe that they have more fun while ice fishing than going for any other activities like watching movies and so on. Hence, there are many families that plan in advance about the ice fishing trips that they are going to make. However, you need to make sure that you are safe while ice fishing because you will be fishing in low temperatures and anything can go wrong making you feel sick and miserable.

Hence, you need to make sure that you stay well and get the best accommodation options while you are enjoying ice fishing. If you are thinking about small ice fishing shanty you can definitely find many such ice fishing shelters available on the internet, but before you buy that you need to make sure that you know some information about what you need to consider when you are buying such products on the internet.

The most important thing that you need to keep in mind when you are going for ice fishing shelters is that the material should be thick and it should support all the members that are going for ice fishing. Hence, make sure that the material is really tough and it will provide you shelter from harsh winds and cool temperature outside. Normally, you will find that ice fishing shelters are made from nylon, poly cotton or canvas but you need to buy ice fishing shelters that fit your budget and requirements.

Since you will be moving places you should also make sure that the ice fishing shelters are not too heavy. Generally when you buy shelters made from thick materials the weight increases and therefore you have to balance your ice fishing shelters. These ice fishing shelters should be light weight but at the same time they should be durable enough to keep you and your family warm while you are enjoying ice fishing.

Ice Fishing Tips for Perch

Fishing is not just about catching fish but about understanding different factors of nature that come together to give you an edge over the fishes that you are trying to catch. Many people living in cold conditions prefer to catch perches because they are easily available and they are delicious as well. Hence, you will find that majority of the fishermen who are interested in ice fishing go for perch fishing whenever they have time or when they want to go for some fishing. There are many ways that can help you to catch perch but here are some simple tips that will definitely work out.

One of the main reasons why perches are easier to catch during winter season when there is too much of ice is because they tend to group up when they are together. This means that you have the option of catching many perches at the same time if you know the art of fishing many fishes at the same time. They are easily visible under the water and therefore you can easily make out there are many perches available in certain section of ice water.

When you are going for ice fishing for perch you need to make sure that you choose morning and evening time when the sun is not directly over your head. Perches come up on the surface of water during early morning and evening time and therefore you should be ready with your fishing gear to make sure that there is no delay. You can set your fishing gear in the afternoon time or night time to make sure you don't have to look for things when you are heading for ice fishing.

You should look out for shallow weed beds because that is exactly where you will find perches during the winter. During other seasons perch tend to go deeper into the water for their food but during winters they migrate back to shallow weed beds. If you are good at finding shallow weed beds you can stay close to it and you will find perches getting hooked to your bait. You should try jigging when trying to lure perch on your hook.

Millions of people love fishing under different temperatures but ice fishing is definitely different from other forms of fishing because the temperature is definitely not the same as in other forms of fishing. Hence, when you are going for ice fishing you have to be very particular about the equipments that you are going to carry with you and how you will rescue yourself if there is any emergency situation. If you have never tried ice fishing before and if you want to try it this winter you will find the tips provided helpful for your ice fishing experience.

The first thing that should come to your mind when you are doing ice fishing is your clothing. You need to remember that you will be doing ice fishing under frozen temperatures and therefore you don't want yourself to catch cold or get some kind of problems due to uncertain and freezing temperatures. Hence, look out for clothes that can help you to stay warm all the time. You can wear a cotton shirt or t-shirt first and then double it up with sweater that can trap the heat of your body. On top of it you can wear some heavy jacket that can keep you safe from cold temperature.

If you love carrying too many equipments for your fishing, it’s time to reconsider. If you are new to ice fishing you should make sure that you are not carrying too many equipments at the same time because that will make your fishing box too heavy. If you are still in the mood to carry all the fishing equipments then you will need some kind of sledge that can help you to move your fishing equipments without carrying it. You can slide the equipments and take it from one place to another.

Always carry some food and water with you when you are ice fishing because that is really important. Ice fishing may take some time and therefore you need to make sure that you have something that you can eat. Try to carry something that can help you to boil your food and even water to keep you safe.

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