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There are many people that love to take off at night times because they believe in being out and having some adventure at night. Of course, there are many people that go for night fishing but when you are going for such adventure you need to make sure that you have some sense of responsibility on your mind and you know how to handle the situation when things go wrong without your expectations. There are many countries where police patrol the area in the night but if you are heading into wrong places you need something that can guide you well.

The most important thing that you will need when you are going for night fishing is the anchor. Most people are never sure about what they should carry and what they should not and therefore when you are heading in the boat you need an anchor that can help you to keep your boat in one place so that you can handle the present situation. If your boat does not have an anchor it might keep floating in the water when the boat is not moving.

Another important thing that you need to have on your side is flash light. Most people carry smaller flash lights that are not enough. Hence, make sure that you are carrying flash light that can have better power and can allow you to handle things in the dark when you need it. On the other hand, you will also need light when you want to have some fun on the boat. Remember when you are somewhere down the lake there will be no light except for what you carry.

You should also make sure that you have a two way speaking device like wireless radio or cell phones that has good network. If you are not sure about the network then you need a wireless device that can keep you in touch with the coast guard or someone that can reach you when you need help. You can also keep a GPS device that can provide you with the current location of your ship or boat.

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We all love some kind of adventure that excites us and make us feel better. Fishing is one such sport which excites a lot of people all over the world. Some people are really crazy about fishing and they would do almost anything to make sure that they have the best catch in their hands. However, sometimes fishing can become dangerous because you are out there in the middle of a water body and things can go unexpectedly wrong which is why you always need to be safe and alert while you are fishing so that you can avoid problems in the first place and make yourself feel safe.

A lot of people go for night fishing because they feel that they can find better catch when they are night fishing. For many beginners this might be exciting because they would love to spend a night out in the middle of the lake or sea on their boat. However, since it is a night time and you are out in the middle you need to be careful and stay alert for any kind of unexpected danger.

Whenever you are going for night fishing make sure that you never switch off your cell phones. Although, some fishermen do think that switching off the cell phone is a better idea because fishes can hear your sound and they can quickly move away from your area, but keep the cell phone switched off can prove fatal in some cases because you will not have enough time to switch on the cell phone in case you need to make an emergency call.

On the other hand, you should always carry flashlight and make sure that you have checked the batteries and the flashlight is working fine. You can always keep an extra set of batteries with you just for safety.

If you have any GPS device you can carry that device along with you so that you know your location and know which way you need to head to get to the shore. You can even have some kind of compass to guide you in the right direction.

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Safety Tips for Night Fishing

Fishing in day time is always a fun experience but when you are planning to go for night fishing you always need to stay alert because although night fishing is a difference experience but you can also hurt yourself and lead into problems. Hence, it is always better that you remember some important safety tips when you are planning to go for night fishing. Many people go for night fishing because they want to catch better fishes but going to fish in an environment which is completely new and dark to you can be a risky proposition. Hence, you need to keep some safety tips in your mind before you actually go for the trip.

Carry Extra Lights – Always make sure that you have more than one or two flashlights on your side. You can never depend on one flashlight when you are going for night fishing. Hence, you should look out for helmets that have flashlights or you can look out for extra flashlights working on solar so that you never run out of battery when lights are required. Keep some more lights in the boat so that you can use them when required.

Float Devices – Always carry extra float devices that you can use in case of emergencies. You need to remember that you are fishing at night time and therefore you might not get quick emergency help and therefore keeping extra float device always helps to rescue people when they are in need.

Extra Clothes – You can never predict the weather and therefore always carry some extra clothes with you because people sometimes feel that the weather is too chilly and rather than fishing they prefer to stay inside the boat where they can stay warm and happy. Even in cases where you have fall in water you can always change the clothes and keep yourself dry.

Keep your cell phones connected – Always keep your cell phones with you because you can call for help when you have them. You may never know how things may go wrong and cell phones can help you to call for help and save yourself.

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Fishing tips are common on the internet. You can find thousands of websites where you might get tips on how to use the right bait and how to angle your fishing rod to catch your fishes, but there are some unique methods that hardly get any recognition because not all people follow it. The Solunar Theory or fishing by the moon theory has never received the kind of acknowledgment that it should receive, but still there are some fishermen that believe that moon rise and moon set really helps them in catching the best fishes that they want.

Catching a big fish is every fisherman’s dream but fishing is not that easy and you need to have a lot of patience for it. Many people never think about fishing by moon because they believe that the theory is far too complicated and tough to achieve in the real time but it has been proved that the theory works if you stick to it and pay attention to your timing because timing really matters when it comes to fishing by moon. Fishes are best to catch when they are feeding and on the other hand the rise of moon adds to the variety of other factors that would bring fishes closer to you.

Hence, when you are going for fishing by moon you should know perfect timing about the sunrise, sunset and moonrise and moonset. This will give you an idea of when you need to fish and when you need to wait for the fishes to go feeding. Fishermen believe that moon has a stronger influence on the fish and therefore they are better to catch after moonrise.

However, there are other factors that can change your fishing plans like storms. If there is a storm about to approach then that is the best time to enjoy your fishing. You can even enjoy fishing immediately after the storm is gone. You should also try fishing on new moon and full moon days because that will have maximum effect on the fishes. If the temperatures are low at night then might not have a fair luck because fishes would swim deeper into the water then.

Night Fly Fishing

Night can be, for most novice fishers, a delicate approach in implementing this sport. To go out in the dark could mean many things. It can mean an exciting feat to overcoming different fears and challenges that the dark has to offer compared when an angler is fishing in broad daylight.

But , depending on the purpose of the fly fisher, can be useful in some ways. For instance, fishing during the day when the specie that you are looking forward to catch doesn't normally swim the waters at this time of the day normally suggests that night is the best time to do it. To emphasize this point further, large trouts for example, are best to catch at night during the summer days. This doesn't literally mean that you are just pointlessly trying to fish at night just for the challenge it offers.

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The 3 Rules Of Night Fishing

Night Fishing

With a few simple additions to your gear and some careful planning, it's not as hard as many anglers think to enjoy at night.

There are three key aspects to safe and successful :

1. Organisation – During the course of a day's fishing, your equipment tends to get strewn around the place. At night, this simply won’t work. You have to get organised and make sure that everything you may need to re-bait or re-tackle is kept tidily in the bivvy.

It can get very dark away from the streetlights, so you’ll need to remember a small pocket torch, but nothing so bright that it’s going to put off other anglers.

2. Safety – When it’s dark, you’re tired and you’re near deep water, it pays to be tidy. You should make sure there is nothing sticking out that you can trip over or get caught on. Make sure you can see the water’s edge, or at least know just where it is.

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