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Do you love fishing whenever you have some free time? Many people love to take their tackles and boat and go off for some fishing where they can think about some good times and also enjoy their catch. Fly fishing is certainly very popular across the globe and therefore you will find that there are many excellent locations where you can enjoy fly fishing and catch some really great fishes like salmon, trout and char. However, there are some locations where you can go even if you are beginner and you will find that you have got some really great catch in your hand.

Here are the top 5 locations around the globe where you can enjoy fly fishing without any problems.

Marco Island, FL – Of course, there is no doubt that you will find the best fly fishing experience here at Marco Island in Florida. The place is well suited for fly fishing and you will find thousands of fly fishing experts here who can give you tips and ideas on how to enjoy the best fishing experience. You will even find the largest saltwater variety here which includes Sharks, Snook, Tarpon, Yellow Snapper, Barracuda, Black Grouper, King Mackerel and Mutton Snapper. However, some locations have too much of price because they provide you with world class fishing experience.

British Columbia – If you are somewhere in Canada then you should head to British Columbia where you can find some really great spots for fly fishing. You can search the web for some interesting places in BC where fly fishing is more popular.

France – Well, we know France for some romance but you can also enjoy some fishing around The Pyrenees Mountains. You can find Wild Brown Trout here at certain elevations and even other stocked fishes. However, there are certain locations where you will find more fishes and you should go to such locations.

Scotland – Scotland is famous for Grayling fishing and you can also enjoy fly fishing here because there are plenty of fishes available here that can you enjoy as your meal.

Russia – Russians definitely love their sea food and therefore when you are in Russia somewhere around Kamchatka you can go ahead for fly fishing to catch your own fishes.

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Buy Fly Fishing Reels

The 1st fact you should realise about fly fishing reels is that they are quite different from the usual spinning reel. So, when looking for the right fly fishing reel, you will be looking for a reel that suits your fly fishing style. When you are a rookie at fly fishing, you will need a reel that can help your improvement as you become more proficient at fly fishing. If you know your way around fly fishing better than a rookie, you might require a more advanced reel for deeper or rougher waters.

The 1st thing to keep in mind when choosing a fly fishing reel, other than your experience level, is that a heavier reel will not always be better. When you have your heart set on two different reels that are identical in all other aspects excluding the weight, it is better to choose the lighter weight reel over the heavier of the two. With that choice out of the equation, it should be simple to decide what specs your rod and line must be.

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Fly Fishing Supplies

Fly Fishing

Besides the obvious supplies of rods and reels, there are really a lot of other supplies you should have in your fly fishing arsenal. It can make the difference between a great fishing trip and a so-so fishing trip when you have a variety of products at your disposal. So what types of supplies will you need to have on hand?

To begin with, you should have an ample supply of flies. When you are out on a river or stream, you will want to match the food source that is readily available to the fish. They are much more likely to bite when they recognize their normal food as opposed to anything else. When you have several flies available, you can adapt depending on what types of insects you see on your particular stretch of water.

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Night Fly Fishing

Night can be, for most novice fishers, a delicate approach in implementing this sport. To go out in the dark could mean many things. It can mean an exciting feat to overcoming different fears and challenges that the dark has to offer compared when an angler is fishing in broad daylight.

But , depending on the purpose of the fly fisher, can be useful in some ways. For instance, fishing during the day when the specie that you are looking forward to catch doesn't normally swim the waters at this time of the day normally suggests that night is the best time to do it. To emphasize this point further, large trouts for example, are best to catch at night during the summer days. This doesn't literally mean that you are just pointlessly trying to fish at night just for the challenge it offers.

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Selecting a Reel for Fly Fishing

Fishing Reel

If you’re like me, you get your Orvis or LL Bean catalog or some other “wish book” in the mail and drool over the vast array of fly reels they have to offer. Modern reels are made from various grades of aluminum to high-grade plastic, and alloys unheard of before this century. Regardless of cost or material, there is one attribute they all have in common that you need to keep in mind:

Basically, a fly reel is nothing more than a place to keep your line. Period.

Oh, sure, reels have and high capacity spools and ball bearings, but, in the end, they are used because it’s hard to store 20 yards or so of and another couple hundred yards of backing in your pocket without it getting tangled. But, really, the basic function of a is to hold your line in an organized manner.

Now, that being said, reels designed for large fish do require an effective drag system. Reels for most freshwater applications and many saltwater uses don’t have to have anything more than a rudimentary drag.

“What?” You say, “how can I fight a fish without a drag?” Well, friend, how do you think it was done in the old days before effective drags were developed? It’s simple—you fought the fish by controlling your line by retrieving it or playing it out with your off hand. When a fish took line, you doled it out to it as needed, creating the requisite drag by how tight you held the line. You also retrieved the line by stripping it in by hand. Tension in either direction was metered by your hands as line slipped through them. Obviously this is an iffy proposition when fighting large fish like tarpon and billfish. But that’s they way it was done, once upon a time.

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Help With Fly Fishing Basics

Fly Fishing

If you are considering taking up fly fishing as a hobby then two of the reasons probably include enjoying the beauty of nature and breathing in the beautiful fresh air. Fly fishing is one of the sports where you can truly enjoy the nature around you and experience the calming effect of the water.

There is no speed involved with things flying by you too fast to notice, there is no rush to go anywhere, and there are no guarantees that you will catch any fish.

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