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Why People Avoid Rock Fishing?

Fishing is generally considered to be a relaxing sport where one can be with the nature and enjoy the landscapes and also have some quality time with the family. However, there are many people that believe that fishing can be dangerous especially for people who don't know much about fishing and also for those who are involved in rock fishing. Although, most people do not go for rock fishing but they do get excited about it because it is something that they have not tried before. One of the reasons why you will find people trying to avoid rock fishing is because there are many deaths registered when people go for rock fishing.

Many fishermen claim that rock fishing is not that dangerous as it has been hyped. One of the reasons why people get into accidents is because they are not prepared for this kind of fishing and they take minor things lightly. Australia and New Zealand are among the top countries that have deaths registered during rock fishing and therefore many people here try to avoid rock fishing and they usually go for other kinds of fishing activities.

There have been many researches and studies done on rock fishing and why people who go for rock fishing end up dead. The major reason for this was that the tides can push the fishermen off the road and that could lead to more injuries while the force of tide can drown the victim. However, on further research it was found that majority of the people that have been dead because of rock fishing were not wearing life jackets and helmets that would have helped them to be alive today. On the other hand, many fishermen recommend that since you venturing into the water you should have slip resistant shoes so that you can firmly stand on the rock.

On the other hand, there are many reports that claim that hooks can hurt the fishermen when they fall on the rock. So, make sure you always carry the hooks in a fishing box where you have all the equipments that are required.

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Rock Fishing Techniques

Rock Fishing

Many anglers avoid fishing marks because they are scared of losing tackle. However, very few marks are totally unfishable, and often the most effective rigs for fishing rough ground marks are also the most basic.

Before fishing any shore mark, rough ground marks in particular, it is a good idea to visit the area at low water. The best time to go is at low water on a spring tide, when much of the ground that you will later be fishing over will be uncovered. Look for features like gullies, weed beds, or patches of sand sandwiched between kelp beds. These are the places where items of food collect, and the places where the fish will feed once the tide has flooded. If you are unfamiliar with the mark, it is also very important to try to pick out any area where the could cut off your retreat.

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