No, this isn’t an article about auto mechanics who like to fish, but rather it is an article about the mechanics of sight fishing.

My first real experience “sight fishing” happened on my first bonefish fishing trip to Christmas Island, or Kiribati, as the residents call it. The island, located two hours by commercial jet due south of Hawaii, has miles and miles of shallow, sandy, crystal clear water. These are referred to as "the flats", and this is where the bonefish hangout. They patrol the shallow water looking for their favorite foods of small . Once they see one they slurp it up with their peculiar downward facing mouth.

Fly spend their days wading the flats in search of bonefish. When one is spotted, they cast a shrimp imitation fly ahead of where the fish will be swimming. Stripping of the line brings the fly to life and triggers the strike.

Now comes the important part… you can’t sight-fish them, if you can’t see them! And to see them you absolutely need a decent pair of polarized sunglasses. Whether you’re fishing for , bass, pike or carp, good polarized sunglasses will allow you to see your quarry, or will they? The truth really is, maybe, if your eyes are trained and they know what to look for.

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