By Jonathan Currie

Fishing Tackle is vital to fishing without it, you will not catch any fish. So in order to make sure you have all the necessities before you hit that body of water, make sure you check out your favourite fishing shop and stock up on some of your basic needs. Some basic supplies an angler would need are leaders and weights, tackle lubricant and cleaning supplies, fish line, baits and lures, tackle box(es), floats, hooks, and of course the rod and reel.

However, that does not exhaust the list of things one could utilize regularly in their fishing expeditions. A fishing net, , priest, needle nose pillars and a good first aid kit because you never know when you may need it, are just a few of other fishing tackle supplies one would need.

In your terminal tackle, which includes your swivels, weights, hooks, leaders, etc., make sure you match your terminal tackle to the current fishing conditions. Matching the right terminal tackle to the conditions, it will be the difference between going home with a full cooler or an empty one. Most online fishing stores offer a wide variety of all your fishing tackle needs.

Just as important as your terminal tackle is your fishing line. You can buy fishing line in a variety of sizes and strengths. Strength in is measured by a pound test, the higher the pound the stronger the line. By choosing the right line that matches your rod and reel, the targeted fish and bait being used to catch that fish determines the weight of the cooler you carry home as well. My favorite store offers every possible pound fishing line for whatever type of fishing you enjoy.

For your artificial and lure needs they can hook you up with some proven winners. Nevertheless, say you prefer natural bait, what good is live bait without the right hook? Fishhooks come in a large range of sizes and styles. If you are going to use live bait, variety packs are the way to go so you have the range you need to get the job done.

They have a variety of hook styles for all fishing styles. Now you have to store this variety of hooks and other tackle you have purchased for your fishing adventures, what better way then in a tackle box suited just for your personal needs.

Whatever your fishing tackle needs are make sure you do some research online and find the store that meets the demands of the angler in you!

To discover the best fishing tackle visit our store John Norris of Penrith. For over 35 years John Norris have provided customers with the finest quality fishing equipment and clothing from top brands like Barbour, Greys, Sage, BFR, Musto and Hunter.

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